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Our bodies take in all types of toxins every day. Whether it is from the food you eat, household products, or from herbs you ingest, detoxing every now and then will keep you feeling fresh and healthy. Detox products help to cleanse your body, encourage a healthy immune system, and help to sustain high levels of energy. There are many detox methods available on the market. This includes chewables, urine cleansers, hair follicle shampoos, and much more. To buy detox products you should first decide what it is you are trying to accomplish. Whether you just want to feel healthy or are trying to pass a drug test, there are a few options available.

THC detox

If you are trying to get a job or need to pass a drug test for other reasons, there are a few methods available to detox from THC, which usually stays in your system from four to six weeks after use. First, you always want to make sure to drink a lot of water. It also is recommended to drink a diuretic like cranberry juice. Of course, you can also buy detox products like our Test Pass Detox Value Pack to help you pass your test with flying colors.

There are methods that entail taking pills for several days or weeks leading up to the test, and there are also same-day kits you can take to help you pass your test. These come in liquid or pill form and have very high success rates when you buy the right detox products. Purchasing the proper kit will ensure you pass your test, whether you are a heavy or light user of cannabis. Some methods will target your bladder and urinary tract to flush out and eliminate toxin metabolites. This can be done on the day of your test, and isn’t a permanent solution. Other products work differently, and most are pretty effective.

How THC testing works

The majority of tests for marijuana test the metabolites of THC in the urine. This test is simple and the results will be available right away. Current standardized testing methods can detect traces of marijuana for five days after a single use and up to 90 days or so with consistent daily use. THC is stored in fat, so juicing diets won’t help to pass a test. Hair follicle tests can detect marijuana use going back for years, depending on how long your hair is.

Most tests also will look at B vitamins and creatine levels, which can help to detect diluted urine. If these are found to be beyond regular biological levels, you will fail the test. The lower level range of detection for a THC test is thousands of times lower than what you would find in a single joint, which makes marijuana detox difficult.

There are a myriad of ways to detox. Whether you are a casual or habitual user, the right detox product will clear out your system. To buy detox products that will meet your needs, contact the experts at Vapaura at 847-901-3211 or

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