Buy the Pulsar APX Vaporizer from Vapaura for Smooth and Sweet Hits

Vapaura is a great place to start your vaping hobby with their vast inventory of e liquid, wax, and dry herb vaporizers. Our stock is priced fairly and lower than our competition, but still has the same great quality you deserve. We also take pride in our excellent customer service and want to make sure that a vaper of any nature has the best products to start vaping or up their game with our ever-expanding selection. We also sell from the top brands widely known in the vape world such as Pulsar, PAX, Dabber, and Kandypens. When it comes to vaping, however, there are three options the user can decide between: a wax vape, a dry herb vape, or both. The Pulsar APX Vaporizer comes with an option to purchase a smoker vaporizer, wax vaporizer, or volt vaporizer. All of these vapes have unique features that are perfect for the user to find a vape that fits their lifestyle and smoking preferences.

The Pulsar APX Volt Vaporizer is perfect for the vaper who likes to be in control the whole time. The temperature controller on the device means a major flavor enhancer. The four different voltage settings lead to a 5 second heat up time so you can easily vape quickly and efficiently. The Volt is also known for being discreet. This is perfect for the vaper on the go as well, this vape is the perfect size to carry around and take anywhere from city adventures to exploring the world. Order this vape in one of the six different colors, black, blue, silver, tie-dye, THC molecule, and wood grain.

Another great adaption of the Pulsar APX Vaporizer is our wax vape. You have probably never vaped wax like this before. The best feature of this vape is the lithium-ion battery, triple quartz coil atomizer, and a large quartz chamber. This lineup is perfect for the vaper who wants to maximize the dab wax. This device is designed so you can hit smoother with smaller pulls and not run out of wax as quickly. The barb coil atomizer is made with high-grade steel and medical grade quartz coils, which creates a low combustion. This reaction is why the wax is able to last longer in this dab pen. With nine different design options to order from, this vape is truly unique and perfect for the wax dabber who wants to get the ultimate dab for their buck.

The Pulsar APX Smoker Vaporizer is perfect for the dry herb vaper. With a seven second heat time, this device is perfect for an herb vaper who is looking to be discreet, yet hit a powerful pen. The glass mouthpiece ensures cooling down the smoke before it hits your mouth, so you will never feel burned. For only $69.99, any of the Pulsar APX Vaporizers are perfect for someone who wants a unique, yet high quality vaping experience. Order your vaporizer from Vapaura at and choose an extended warranty today!

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