Buy E Juice: Choosing the Right Vape Juice

The marketplace for e juice and e juice flavors is continuing to grow and there are now more places where you can buy e juices, notably online. With so much selection out there, how can you be sure you are choosing the right e liquid for ultimate vape satisfaction?

Today, we will look at some of the things that go into making that choice to buy e juice and what you should consider when making your next purchase.

Put the Flavor First
The flavor should be the first thing you consider when making a purchase. You can like everything else about an e liquid from the nicotine content to the VG/PG ratio to the vape hit, but if the flavor isn’t what you enjoy, you won’t vape that e liquid. The reason you should put so much emphasis on the flavor is because of how many options there are to choose from. E juices come in fruit flavors, dessert flavors, and tobacco blends, among many others, so there is a flavor out there for you. It’s just about finding the one that works best for you.

The Nicotine Content
The nicotine content of e liquids can make a difference in your purchase as well. Vaping is often seen as an alternative to traditional smoking and can even help get people away from traditional smoking altogether. For people who are heavier smokers, you may want to start with a high nicotine e liquid simply because it is what you are used to. In a lot of cases, people can slowly work their way off the nicotine and eventually go to a juice that has little to no nicotine.

The PG-VG Ratio
The main contents of an e liquid are the VG and PG content. The PG, or propylene glycol, adds more flavor and a stronger throat hit but produces a weaker vapor cloud. VG, or vegetable glycerin, is a more organic part of the e juice that has a sweet taste, less of a throat hit, and produces massive vapor clouds. A lot of e juices are a combination of the two, usually somewhere in the middle, but you will also see more premium and organic e juices available that may be an 80:20 ratio of VG to PG or even e juices that are 90:10 or completely organic. This can be especially good for people who may have an allergic reaction to PG.

When you buy e juice, the decision is ultimately yours. You know your preferences and the flavors that you love and can make a decision on the e juice that is best for you. Knowing the different factors that can set apart an e liquid goes a long way in making that decision that much easier.

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