What Are the Best E Liquid Flavors?

It’s obvious that one of the best elements of using a vape is experiencing the taste of the juice. It’s what a lot of people love most about vaping. Luckily to vape users, there is a magnitude of flavors to choose from and experience. They range from strawberry shortcake to candy corn to banana to cappuccino. The list of flavors available stretches much, much farther than that found at your local ice cream shop. There are tons of e liquid flavors, but some of the favorites of vapers are found in the following categories:

1. Tropical Beverages: Are you a fan of the taste of a cold rum punch, mojito, horchata, or a virgin fruit smoothie? The fruity flavors of these tropical beverages can be invoked through the use of specially created juice, taking you to the tropics no matter where you are. Some of these sunny flavors, like citrus blends and drinks made from dragon fruit and passionfruit, can liven your palate like never before.

2. Cereals & Breakfast: Everyone loves to feel like a kid again, which is why the cereal e juice flavors have become some of the most popular in the world of vaping. Relax and feel carefree with cinnamon roll or cinnamon toast, fruity hoops or French toast. Go the nourishing route with oatmeal or perk yourself up with the smooth sweetness of a caramel latte flavor e juice. What better way to start your day than with a tasty vape?

3. Dessert: Got a sweet tooth and can’t get enough? E liquid flavors include a number of calorie-free dessert options like butterscotch, peanut butter brittle, vanilla bean, butter pecan, bourbon spice, key lime pie, custard, and cotton candy. E juice gives you guilt-free sweetness any time of the day.

4. Minty Fresh: Prefer a fresh mouth? When at a party or in close company, fresh breath is the key to success. Minty flavors of e juice allow you to vape in style while keeping a fresh breath. Try Extreme Ice, Antarctic Ice or menthol flavors. Most people like to have at least one mint or menthol juice flavor around because it keeps things fresh. If you need to clear out a previous flavor from your mouth that you weren’t fond of, a classic minty flavor would do the trick.

5. Tobacco: Perhaps you’re a traditionalist or maybe you are someone who is using a vape as an alternative to cigarettes. If either applies to you, you may want to consider using a tobacco flavor. If you are trying to quit smoking, surely having a similar taste to what you are used to will help you slowly transition. For vapers who enjoy the taste of tobacco, tobacco flavor e juice is the way to go because you will never want to go back once you try the rich natural flavors of tobacco e juices.

Do any of these flavors provoke your taste buds? Surely one of these delicious flavors has. And there are even more waiting to be discovered! Head on over to The Vape Mall today and check out all of our e liquid flavors.

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