The Benefits of Nicotine Salt Vape Juice for Consumers

Nicotine salt (also known as “nic salt”) is a variety of nicotine used to make vape juice. Most vape juice is made with “freebase nicotine.” This type of nicotine is made by using ammonia to deprotonate the nicotine, causing it to have more of an effect on the body. Nicotine salt is the original state of nicotine as it is found in tobacco. It has a much smoother feel than standard freebase nicotine and is less harsh on the throat when inhaled. This way, you can consume higher levels of nicotine while vaping less, which means your product lasts longer. SaltBae50 makes a line of nicotine salt-based alternative e-liquid. Like any other vape juice, this nic salt e-liquid comes in a variety of flavors.

Nicotine salts do require higher temperatures to vaporize than freebase nicotine does, but with the aid of benzoic acid and it can be vaped with the same amount of heat as standard e-liquid. In fact, it may even be more efficient to use less heat when dealing with nic salts. Nic salt can be better for people trying to transition from cigarette smoking to vaping. It’s not surprising that many people use vaping as a mechanism to wean themselves off of cigarettes. Nicotine salt vape juice creates a sensation more comparable to smoking a cigarette than one would get from freebase nicotine. The increasing popularity of nic salts in e-liquid can help more smokers quit cigarettes and start incrementally consuming less nicotine overall.

When using nicotine salt-based alternative e-liquid, you should know how it differs from freebase nicotine e-liquids. Nic salts work best in lower wattage vaping devices. Using a high-powered device to vape nic salt e-liquid could cause you to consume too much nicotine, which can make you lightheaded or nauseous. This is great news for vapors, though. A lower wattage vape will generally cost you less than a high-powered vape would. On top of it being longer lasting, salt nic e-liquid requires that you spend less money on a vaping device. You can choose whether you prefer an open or closed system. With a closed system, you replace each cartridge with a new one once you’re finished. With an open system, you just refill the cartridge with whatever flavor you like after it’s empty. Either of these is efficient for vaping nic salt e-liquids.

SaltBae50 offers nic salt alternative e-liquid for both retail and wholesale. As more people catch on to the trend of vaping nic salt juice, retailers want to stock their shelves with products such as SaltBae50’s delicious fruity flavors, which include Blue Raspberry Lemonade, Fresh Pineapple, and Green Apple. New flavors are periodically released, making a constantly fresh vaping experience for customers and new products for retailers. Affordable, long lasting, and easy to use, nicotine salt e-liquid is shaping up to be a promising alternative to it’s predecessor. For more information on salt-based e-liquid, contact SaltBae50 today!

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