The Benefits of High VG Liquid for Vaping Enthusiasts

Choosing the right liquid is one of the most important and enjoyable processes of getting your own personal vaping kit put together. Not only are you treated to the opportunity to try all kinds of flavors, but you’ll also learn a lot about the nitty-gritty of vaping. In your search for the liquid that is just right for you, you’ll likely encounter two types of vape liquid bases, “VG” and “PG.” In this blog, you’ll learn what the difference between these liquid bases are, and you’ll find out why high VG liquid can be particularly enjoyable for those looking to take their experience to the next level!

What Are VG and PG?
PG and VG are both abbreviations of longer chemical names for substances used to form the liquid vape clouds are created with. The “G” in both comes from a similar root; PG is Propylene Glycol, and VG is Vegetable Glycerin. Both of these substances have similar chemical building blocks, which make them work well for use as a vapor base. Both are sweet liquids that can look a bit like syrup, and both mix well with natural flavorings. As far as research shows, they are both safe to ingest and safe to inhale, though more research has been done on VG than on PG with regard to inhalation.

What Makes Them Different?
Besides differences in the chemical makeups of VG and PG, there are flavor, “feel,” and functional differences as well. The biggest and most notable difference between VG and PG is the difference in vape cloud production. PG produces considerably less vapor, leading to smaller clouds. The side effect of lower vapor production is a weaker flavor near the front of the mouth and nose. VG is known for being smooth and full, and, since vapor helps stimulate our taste buds, VG can produce more complex flavor experiences.

VG also vaporizes differently than PG, resulting in a less “sharp” throat hit. While some vaping enthusiasts enjoy the throat hit, especially with tobacco-flavored mixes, many find it an unpleasant sensation that can leave one’s throat feeling rough. Unless you’re specifically a fan of the throat hit, high VG liquid is likely to be more enjoyable to you.

The one notable downside to VG liquid is its thickness and viscosity. Because it’s so syrupy, it can reduce the lifespan on certain types of coils, atomizers, and all-in-one vape kits. It can also clog up smaller devices if not cleaned regularly. Because of this tendency to thicken, people looking to enjoy VG should be extra diligent with the care and cleaning of their kit.

If high VG vape liquid sounds interesting to you, you’ll be happy to know that the options for flavor are almost endless. For example, check out Velvet Cloud’s signature fruit e-liquid flavors. Velvet Cloud is an indie vape juice company based out of San Francisco whose high VG vape liquids are top-notch, vegan, and designed for the best flavor possible. Check out their options online today and head on over to their blog to read their latest post on “Why High VG E-Liquid Is the Way To Go.”

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