A Beginner’s Guide to Vaping

When first starting vaping, the variety of products on the market can be overwhelming. It can also be difficult to grasp the different concepts and strategies behind vaping. Experienced users might have trouble explaining everything to a beginner because the learning curve can be high. Although, there are some important things that all new vapers should know before they start vaping. This information will make your vaping experience both safer and easier!

What is Vaping?

So, let’s start with the basics. What exactly is vaping? It refers to the use of electronic cigarettes. These devices essentially use heat to transform a liquid into a vapor cloud. A vaping device does not burn or combust the material, as with a traditional cigarette. Also, e cigarettes do not produce the second hand smoke that is harmful to others. Some people use vaping in an attempt to stop their cigarette addiction, while others merely vape as a hobby. No matter why you’re getting into vaping, you will find the following information very helpful to you in better understanding the world of vape.

Vaping Lingo

E cigs are sometimes called mods or boxes. When starting vaping, it can be helpful to get used to the language that is used to describe vaping and the different elements of vaping devices. A vaping device is a relatively simple contraption that includes a heating coil, a battery, and a tank to hold the e liquid or e juice, and a wick that delivers that e juice to the heating coil.

Different Devices

Newbies will be happy to learn that there is a vaping device for everyone. Some vaping devices are disposable. Some look like pens and offer a great deal of discretion as well as portability. Other larger models are called “boxes” because of their shape. Mods are also larger devices. There are pros and cons to using each of these types of vaping devices, which you can find online or can discuss with a Vape Mall representative.

Starter Kit Vape

New users should consider buying a starter kit vape in order to easily get started. These kits come with everything that you need for a device to get started as a new vaper. So, search for starter kit vape on The Vape Mall to find the perfect kit for you. You’ll just need to buy some juice to go along with it!

Different Flavors

One of the reasons why people like vaping is because the variety of flavors. There are so many different flavors on the market to choose from. Flavors range from fruity flavors to mint to chocolate to the taste of alcoholic beverages. Favorite flavors change from person to person, so one must try some on their own to decide which they personally like best.

To get a feel for what flavors there are to buy, here’s an example of juices mimicking your morning eating habits. First, you can choose your favorite style of coffee whether it’s cappuccino, mocha, or caramel coffee, French coffee or hazelnut coffee. The Vape Mall carries juice in all of these flavors as well as a regular coffee and “Coffee With A Kick” which has a stronger taste. And what do you eat with coffee? Breakfast food! Try a waffle or blueberry muffin-flavored e juice to create the taste of the classic breakfast treats in your smoke. If you’re a cereal connoisseur, we also offer many juice flavors that recreate the taste of some of your favorite cereals. Try one of the following: Kaptain Krunch, Fruit Rings, Lucky Leprechaun, Fruity Flakes, or Silly Rabbit. Each one comes with a unique blend giving you a variety of delectable, high quality, highly satisfying vaping experiences. And those are just the breakfast-themed flavors! Check out all of our delicious flavors in our store.

Throat Hit & Massive Clouds

Depending on the blend of the juice that you choose, you can determine how dense of a vapor cloud you will get. What you want is the perfect blend of PG and VG. PG or Propylene glycol, a synthetic liquid substance approved by the FDA, contributes to the throat hit and carries flavor, though too much can be harsh. VG or vegetable glycerin contributes to the vapor cloud and is smooth on the throat. It’s also important that you utilize a vape that has coils that will withstand the saturation of the liquid. The Vape Mall recommends starting with a 50/50 blend, but our support team is always available to answer your questions. Those who are more experienced are encouraged to try something new by making up their own mix or by ordering a flavor they’ve never tried before.

Steeping Your Juice

Steeping is a process that will enrich the flavors of your juice. Steeping is a simple process, all you need to do is set the bottle away from any sunlight and shake the bottle a few times each day. It can take about 2-4 weeks of steeping time for even the smaller bottles. Even those who are new to vaping find the process easy to assimilate to. But if you’re having trouble or have more questions, there are articles online that will help you, or you can talk to a representative at The Vape Mall who can help you!

You’re All Set

Well, now you know the basics of the vaping world and you’re ready to start vaping yourself. Check out our online store for our large variety of products, all assured to be of a high quality and offered at competitive prices. If you are a beginner, remember to try a starter kit vape! The Vape Mall is your go-to place for all of your vaping needs, whether you’re just beginning or you’re a pro!

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