Balloon Bag Vaporizers, What’s the Deal?

If you are just getting into vaping, you could definitely be intimidated by the wide variety of options that lay in front of you. With all varieties of whip vapes, balloon vapes, desktop, and portable vapes, it is a new world with an impressive vocabulary. While vape pens might be the most popular type of vape and the kind that you are most likely to see while out and about, there is a whole other world of stationary vapes that can be opened for you.

Although having a vaporizer tied down to a desk sounds like it could be a pretty big downside, it actually isn’t as cut and dry as you might think. One of the best options for desktop vapes is what is commonly referred to as a balloon bag vaporizer. Essentially, balloon bag vaporizers are a desktop vape that gives its user the most amounts of options. This type of vaporizer uses a “forced air delivery system” to heat your solution and fill a bag with vapor. A great benefit to these types of vaporizers is that the vapor is generally much cooler and less apt to cause coughing or irritation. Many of the desktop vapes also offer a wide range of temperature control, ensuring that you get the vapor the way you want it every time.

These vaporizers are also incredibly easy to use. They generally only require you to attach the bag to the top and power the base unit on. Since they are desktop vaporizers they heat up incredibly fast and use a quiet fan to fill up the balloon bag. Once the bag is full the user is free to detach the bag from the base unit and take it with them, giving you the mobility of a vape pen, and the quality of a desktop vaporizer. These types of vapes also allow you to set the amount of vapor that you pump into the bag, letting you choose to vape for just an hour or all day.  You also don’t have to worry about breaking expensive glass components that make up other types of vapes.

Now that you know what a balloon bag vaporizer is and how they work, let’s take a look at one of the more popular options on the market. The Volcano Classic vaporizer by Storz and Bickel is a widely used and highly trusted desktop vaporizer, with all the options you could want for the price range. The Volcano Classic uses a simple analog/dial temperature control to give you precise control over your vaping experience. Along with a high-performance heating system made of food grade aluminum, the Volcano Classic sports a proven German design that takes forced air delivery desktop vaporizers to the next level.

Vapaura carries the Volcano Classic online, and, as an added bonus, Vapaura offers a three-year warranty on all of their desktop vapes so you will never have to worry about any expensive components breaking.

Whether or not you decide a balloon bag vaporizer is the right choice for you, Vapaura will be with you every step of the way. With unparalleled customer service and a professional support team, Vapaura can handle any vaping question that you could ever have. You can visit Vapaura on Facebook to receive special offers and take part in free giveaways while being part of an active and fun vaping community. For any questions or comments, connect with Vapaura directly at ( or call (847-901-3211). Vaping should be a fun and easy hobby used to relieve the stress of everyday life. Let Vapaura worry about the little things while you sit back and vape.

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