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May 20, 2019

Max VG e-Liquid for Great Flavor and Quality

The trend these days is for everything to be as organic and safe as possible and the same goes for vape juice. Getting e-liquid that...
May 20, 2019

Smax Has the Best Fruit E-Liquid Flavor

You’re searching for that ultimate flavor with the fruitiness and fullness you enjoy when you bite into a strawberry or slip a slice of orange...
May 18, 2019

Is PG-Free E-Liquid Better? The Answer is No!

There are some producers of E-Liquids who claim PG-Free E-Liquid  is better to vape than E-Liquid with PG in its mix. It turns out that claim is...
Apr 18, 2019

CBD E-Liquid: An Overview

Over the past year or so, you’ve probably begun to notice that there is no way you can enter any well-stocked vape shop and not...
Apr 16, 2019

Why Is My Aspire Tank Leaking?

If an Aspire tank is sitting atop your vaping device right now, it’s not surprising. With tanks ranging from the classic Nautilus series to the...
Apr 11, 2019

Kingdom Vapor – Your Next Wholesale Electronic Cigarette Supplier

Navigating the waters of wholesale electronic cigarette supply can be tricky. In a market in such a state of flux due to changing customer demands and preferences, a...
Apr 09, 2019

Making the Move to Wholesale Vapor Products

Starting a business requires a great deal of strategy. In a lot of cases, this means drawing upon your own experiences as a retail customer...
Apr 08, 2019

The Best VG Juice Around

Vape juice has come a long way since its humble beginnings. With things like nicotine salts and max VG juice on the rise, it’s no...
Apr 03, 2019

Satisfy your Cravings with Natural E Liquid Flavors from Velvet Cloud

Vaping is one of the best ways to enjoy your favorite flavors, be it chocolate desserts or sweet summer fruits, without filling up on calories...
Mar 14, 2019

Kingdom Vapor for Wholesale Vape Mods and More

Running a successful vape shop hinges on a multitude of factors, all of which a shop owner must understand and balance to effectively manage his...