Aspire Brand Wholesale E Cig Supplies

As a vape retailer, you should be dedicated to finding the best wholesale e cig supplies to purchase and stock in your store. Some of the best product options are offered by Aspire, they have been a long trusted company in the vaping industry for providing quality products at a reasonable price. They have continuously pumped out high quality products for vapers that have proved to be satisfactory. One of the first things people notice about Aspire e cigs and accessories is the attention to detail and the look and feel of quality. The company researches and designs all of their e-cig products to give a stylish appearance to their products while also enhancing the vaping experience. Their Cleito 120 sub ohm tank is no different. This tank, along with its replacement glass and coils, are available for purchase at wholesale for you to sell to your customers!

The Aspire Cleito 120 sub ohm tank uses a Maxi Watt coil system that provides incredible vapor and crisp, clean flavors for your customers’ delight. This coil system allows for use at up to 120 watts. The tank itself holds a large 4mL of your favorite e-juice and has a fully adjustable airflow system. There are actually three different airflow vents that can be adjusted to create just the level to get the perfect vape for each and every style. This is a top fill tank design with a full gasket seal. It is easy to fill and resists leaks even after regular use on a daily basis. The tanks kit comes with two replacement coils, which are the 0.16Ω Cleito 120 replacements.

The Aspire Cleito 120 sub ohm tank is made of stainless steel. The actual tank itself is made with Pyrex glass, making it particularly resistant to damage. The Pyrex glass on this tank will resist cracking and also makes it easy to quickly replace coils and clean the system as needed. It also means that it is safe to use with all types of vaping liquids. This is an important consideration as some of the popular flavors and brands of e-juice are not recommended for use with plastic tanks. With the Aspire Cleito replacement glass, made of Pyrex, your customers will not be limited in their juice selection.

There are always going to be accidents that occur when vaping, and these may include breaking the glass of a tank. Therefore, you should also purchase Aspire Cleito replacement glass to offer to your customers as well. This way, if anything does happen to their glass, they can come back to your shop and buy new glass from you. The same goes for coils. You can purchase Aspire Cleito replacement coils in wholesale quantities too. These replacement coils are offered in 0.2Ω and 0.4Ω sizes for the original Aspire Cleito.

The Aspire Cleito 120 sub ohm tank, replacement glass, and coils are all available for wholesale purchase. So, if you are shopping for new wholesale e cig supplies, you now know what to buy! All of these Aspire products are available from wholesalers such as Kingdom Vapor. Visit to start shopping for products that your vape customers will love.

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