6 Reasons Why Cigalikes Are Still Worth Buying

There was a time in which the cigarette-shaped e-cigarette called the cigalike was the dominant form of vaping across most of the world. Today, though, it often feels as though pod systems get all of the glory – and that’s a shame because cigalikes still play an important role in vaping. Whether you’re a curious observer or a smoker thinking about taking the plunge into the world of vaping, there are some reasons why it is still very worthwhile to consider buying a cigalike from a company like V2 Cigs UK rather than one of the flashier pod systems. These are the reasons why cigalikes are still worth buying.

Cigalikes Are Inexpensive
The basic technology behind cigalikes has been around almost as long as the vaping industry has existed. There are many factories in China producing components for cigalikes. They’ve been producing those components for years, and they can mass produce them extremely cheaply. An e-cigarette brand can even ship its e-liquids to a Chinese factory, where they’ll use machines to fill hundreds of cartridges at a time. The production of cigalikes and their refill cartridges is a well-oiled machine at this point, which means that e-cigarette brands can purchase the components for cigalikes – and sell the finished products – very inexpensively. You will definitely pay less to vape with a cigalike than you will with a pod system.

Cigalikes Feel More Like Cigarettes Than Pod Systems
If you’re a long-term smoker, you’re probably looking for a vaping experience that feels as much like smoking as possible. If that’s the case, you’re going to get the most cigarette-like experience with a cigalike. People call traditional e-cigarettes “cigalikes” because they look almost like the real thing. A cigalike even has a light on the end that looks like a burning ember. You can hold a cigalike between two fingers. Some of them are even so light that you can let them hang from your lips while you vape. You won’t get that type of experience with a pod system. Pod systems work very well – and their nicotine salt e-liquid does pack a punch – but a pod system will never feel like a cigarette in your hand.

Cigalikes Just Work
The best part about cigalikes is that there’s no tinkering or troubleshooting involved with using them; they just work. Just charge the battery, screw on the cartridge and puff away. If you’re not getting any flavor, you probably need to swap the cartridge. If you’re not getting any vapor, you probably need to charge the battery. There really is no easier way to vape. Pod systems work well too, but they still have kinks that were ironed out of cigalikes long ago. Pod systems, for example, frequently leak. The puff sensors sometimes fail to work. Both of those problems are extremely rare with cigalikes because those products have already been through several rounds of iteration and improvement.

Cigalikes Have the Widest Selection of Accessories
Do you love gadgets and all of the little toys that go along with them? If you do, you’re going to love all of the accessories that you can buy to enhance your vaping rig – and you’re not going to find a wider selection of accessories than you will with a cigalike. Would you like to make your battery look nice? Buy a fancy battery wrap. Do you want a functional carrying case for transporting your e-cigarette and spare cartridges? Buy a portable battery charging case. From neck lanyards to car chargers, no type of vaping product has a wider selection of accessories available than the cigalike.

Cigalikes Are Less Addictive Than Pod Systems
One of the reasons why pod systems such as the JUUL have been so successful on the market is because the amount of nicotine they deliver – a whopping 50+ mg per ml of e-liquid – is comparable to what you’d get with a tobacco cigarette. That being the case, however, pod systems have nearly the same addictive potential as tobacco cigarettes. If you’re the type who wants to make the switch to vaping and continue vaping for the rest of your life, you might be perfectly happy using a pod system. Switching to a cigalike, though, means that you’ll be dialing down your nicotine intake a bit – and that’s a good thing if your goal is to eventually wean yourself off of nicotine. Unlike the pre-filled pods for pod systems – which are often available in only one nicotine strength –the refill cartridges for cigalikes are frequently available in a range of nicotine strengths such as 18 mg, 12 mg, 6 mg and no nicotine at all. Cigalikes make it easy to step down gradually and eventually discontinue your nicotine use completely if that is your goal. Once you’re no longer addicted, you can continue vaping nicotine-free cartridges if you like.

Cigalikes Don’t Have the Controversy of Pod Systems
If you buy a pod system in the United States, you’ll get a big side order of controversy with your purchase. That’s because millions of school-aged children have begun vaping in the last two years, and more often than not, those kids are using pod systems. One reason why underage vapers use pod systems is because they look like USB flash drives and are therefore easy to conceal. Cigalikes, in comparison, look like cigarettes. There’s no question that no one other than an adult should be holding one. In addition, America’s underage vapers have learned the hard way that the 50 mg/ml nicotine strength of the most popular pod vaping system is a very high level of nicotine that is incredibly addictive. The children using those pod systems, in other words, are just as addicted to nicotine as you were when you took up smoking. Concerned parents all over the country now know what pod vaping systems look like, and you’re probably going to get more than a few sideways glances if you use such a device in public. Cigalikes, in comparison, have virtually no possibility of attracting that level of negative attention.

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