4 Surprising Salt Juice Flavors and Why You Should Get Them

As vapers, we all, whether openly or not, pride ourselves on our fantastic taste. Vaping is unique as a hobby in that it tends to draw in adventurous types who love to try something new and have a discerning palate. If you feel that description fits you, keep reading. In this piece, we’ll explore four incredible salt juice flavors that deliver complex, surprising, and remarkably unique flavors that we’re sure you haven’t yet tasted!

1. Blue Raspberry Lemonade
Enjoy the citrus without the burn! Blue Raspberry Lemonade salt juice flavors by SaltBae50 bring a fruity, sour burst of flavor without the acidity that many citrus flavors in traditional vape juices tend to have. The Blue Raspberry Lemonade is smooth and sour with clear flavors of both stars of the show.

2. Iced Juicy Watermelon
Watermelon is a flavor that isn’t often done well. Watermelon candies usually taste barely like a facsimile of true watermelon. The same can often be said of “icy” flavors as well. The Iced Juicy Watermelon e-juice, though, is like taking a bite of fresh watermelon right out of the cooler. With smooth, thick vapor, Iced Juicy Watermelon takes your taste buds out for the best summer picnic you could ever dream of.

3. Sweet Caramel Tobacco
Tobacco flavors are, frankly, an art more than a science. To transport the rich, smoky flavor of tobacco to the medium of vapor is no easy task, especially because the “burn” of tobacco is often so associated with its flavor. Sweet Caramel Tobacco salt juice flavors by SaltBae50 manage to blend the relaxing, deep richness of both tobacco and caramel into a single, smooth vapor. For those who love the distinctive and distinguished flavor of tobacco but don’t want the downsides of burning tobacco, Sweet Caramel Tobacco juice will deliver the perfect mix of flavor and sensation.

4. Iced Honey Dew
Honey Dew is hardly the first flavor that comes to most vapers’ minds when they think of an amazing vaping flavor, but, in truth, Honey Dew is the semi-sweet, semi-tart fruit that makes for the perfect juice candidate when the juice is well crafted! Iced Honey Dew juice weaves the crisp taste of ice-cold honeydew melon into a smooth and velvety vapor that’s irresistible to any discerning palate. If you’re looking for the perfect summer flavor, look no further; Iced Honey Dew is unique, delicious, and delightfully refreshing!

Now that you’ve gotten an idea of what’s out there, it’s time to start exploring on your own. These four amazing flavors from Saltbae50 are a great lineup for the beginning of a new flavor journey, but there are so many more flavors available to vapers out there! Artisan juice makers have been working at a feverish pace in the past few years, and the result is simply breathtaking. Everything from blueberry cream to dragon fruit and chocolate chip cookies are available on the market these days, and enthusiastic vapers are simply missing out by not exploring the options. Keep your eyes peeled and your vaporizer ready!

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