4 Reasons Why Velvet Cloud’s Juice Is the Best Menthol Vape Juice Around

Vaping enthusiasts and hobbyists are some of the most ravenously adventurous people out there. More than anything else, they seek incredible flavor, like a cross between thrill-seekers and gourmands. Vapers, as a community, don’t just settle for whatever is on hand; instead, they actively seek out new, innovative, and surprising ways to enjoy the supreme feeling of breathing smooth clouds.

Menthol is the classic alt-flavor; it’s the flavor of choice for those who like something a little more exciting, energizing, and refreshing. Finding a menthol flavor that really wows you, though, can be challenging, especially with the amount of focus that many vape juice companies put on fruit, candy, and dessert flavors. However, there is a collection of top-notch menthol juices that you can get right away, just by ordering online. Velvet Cloud, an artisanal vape juice-maker, has a uniquely inspired collection that really is just the best menthol vape juice you could ever hope for. Here’s why:

1. 100% Vegan, 100% Organic
While not everyone is on the lookout for organic and vegan products, for those who are, it can be a really tough find! Thankfully, Velvet Cloud’s got the best menthol vape juice on the market, and it’s vegan-friendly. They use no animal products or artificial flavorings in the creation of their stellar menthol flavors, which is part of why Velvet Cloud flavors like Mt. Shasta Frost have such stellar reviews (over 4.5 stars average from almost 300 buyers)!

2. Unbeatable Flavor
Speaking of stellar flavors, Velvet Cloud’s menthol juices use all-natural flavonoids, the mixtures of which have been honed to perfection by their team. While plenty of juice companies can make strong juice, what makes Velvet Cloud’s menthol line the best menthol vape juice around is the harmonized balance they’ve harnessed. It’s not hard to overdo the minty burn of menthol, but Velvet Cloud manages to keep the flavor in check for a fresh, cooling, flavor that doesn’t make your eyes water.

3. Huge, Smooth Clouds
Part of Velvet Cloud’s devotion to product purity is their commitment to making 100% VG (vegetable glycerin) vape liquids. Instead of using artificial PG (propylene glycol), which can sometimes be the easier route for juice-makers, they stick to VG, which ensures the production of thick, rich, and smooth clouds of vapor that will bring bliss to your mouth and eyes.

4. Fantastic Image and Style
While flavor and feel are obviously the most important, the visual design of a product is not to be overlooked! All of Velvet Cloud’s flavors bear unique art on a sleek, easy-to-carry bottle that doesn’t look clunky or tacky. While some of our favorite flavors come in strange, glass, eye-dropper bottles, there’s no doubt about the fact that such bottles aren’t exactly eye-catching. Well, with Velvet Cloud’s menthols, you don’t have to think twice about whether you’ll catch a sidelong glance from your co-workers; their bottles are discreet and visually pleasing. See for yourself: check out their e-juices and get yours today!

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