If you vape, then you know that there are few things worse than running out of battery right in the middle of a session. By caring for your batteries better, using them more effectively, and maintaining them, you can get more life out of your batteries.

Check out 3 simple ways that you can improve your e-cigarette’s batteries below.

Try not to overcharge your e-cigarette’s batteries.

You might not think that overcharging is a big deal, since your battery will be fully charged once you take it off the charger. But if you overcharge your e-cigarette’s battery all the time, it can cause damage to the battery and it can prevent it from holding a charge in the future.

Rather than leaving your e-cigarette on the charger overnight or letting it sit for hours on end, figure out about how long it takes to charge and then charge it for that amount of time. Even if you have to set an alarm and come back later to check on it, it will be well worth the effort on your part, as it will save your e-cigarette battery from becoming damaged.

Turn off your e-cigarette when you aren’t using it.

This seems simple enough, right? But you would probably be surprised by the number of vapers who leave their e-cigarettes on when they’re not using them.

The truth is that e-cigarettes won’t use that much energy up when they’re not being used. But if yours is powered up, it’s still going to drain some of the battery, and that’s power that you could probably use later.

Resist the urge to drain all of the power out of your e-cigarette’s batteries.

whenever possible, you should steer clear of emptying the power in your e-cigs battery, because it can put a real strain on your battery when you have to charge it all the way from empty. It’s much easier on your battery when you recharge it when it’s half full, so you should make an attempt to do this when you can.

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