20 Bizarre Vape Juice Flavors That Probably Shouldn’t Exist

Everyone’s tastes are a little different – some people prefer chocolate, others swear by vanilla. That’s true of everything, including vape juice. Thing is, these flavors are absolutely absurd even keeping that in mind. If they’re your cup of tea, more power to you, but I still think you’re an oddball.

Vaping is about more than quitting smoking or doing neat tricks with your vape. It’s as much about taste as anything else. That’s why there are literally hundreds of different brands and flavors of vape juice – so that there’s something everyone can enjoy.

With that being said, I’ve looked through them to find some of the strangest, most bizarre, and downright grossest flavors on the market. While some people likely do find them appetizing, I’m really not sure why. But hey, to each their own, right?

Maybe you’ll look at one of the flavors on this list and think it doesn’t sound so bad. Maybe you’ll find your new favorite vape juice. Or maybe you’ll just find a host of new ways to torment yourself and your friends.

Whatever you choose, I wish you luck – but I probably won’t be smoking most of these with you.

If you’ve ever pulled out your vape and wished you could have a nice, tall glass of coke while you smoke, this one’s for you. Probably. According to Vice, its taste is somewhere between a glass of bourbon, the smell of windex, and gingerbread.

Nacho Cheese
Get your fedora ready, and pour yourself a glass of mountain dew. This flavor tastes exactly like Doritos. Yes, it’s about as disgusting as you’d expect.

And yes, there’s a Mountain Dew flavor – it’s lower down on the list.

Most people I know don’t drink coffee for the taste, and that’s doubly true of espresso (cheap espresso, at least). That’s why this flavor is so confusing to me. It gives you the taste of a stale cup of coffee without any of the other benefits.I’d say this is probably one of the less bizarre flavors on the list. Most vape juices are, after all, associated with sweetness. Per Vice, this one sort of tastes like frosting and sprinkles.

A little odd, but far from terrible.

Red Bull
If you love the taste of Red Bull but aren’t keen on having a heart attack, you’ll fall in love with this flavor. It tastes pretty much exactly like a can of the stuff.

Roast Beef
I’m not even sure why this one exists. Are there really people this obsessed with the taste of roast beef? Do those people also own vapes?

As the old saying goes, everything’s better with bacon. That includes vaping. While this flavor might be strange enough to make our list, it’s got the unique distinction of being one of the few I’d actually try.

Hot Dog
To put it in the words of the Ejuice connoisseur, just because there’s a food, doesn’t mean it needs to be turned into an E-liquid. But hey, if you like the taste (and smell) of old hot dogs, I guess this one’s perfect for you?

Just stick to drinking it and not vaping it.

I guess you can vape this one with your morning toast?

Froot Loops
Honestly, this one is up there with bacon as one of the vape juices I’d smoke willingly. I’ve heard nothing but good things about it, and apparently, it smells just like a bowl of everyone’s favorite childhood cereal.

Crab Legs
Do you want your entire house to smell like fish? Do you want the taste of week-old shellfish hanging perpetually over your tongue? If so, give this one a try!

Salted Fish
Like crab leg vape juice, but ten times as pungent.

Blue Cheese
Blue cheese is polarizing enough on its own as a food. I can’t conceive why anyone would make this into a vape juice any more than I can imagine anyone willingly putting this into their vape.

Turtle Soup
Turtle soup is a delicacy in some countries. Even so, that doesn’t justify putting it in a vape.

Chicken and Waffles
Honestly? I’m a little intrigued by this one. Not intrigued enough to try it, mind you – more intrigued that it exists.

Mountain Dew
For when you just can’t “M’lady” hard enough.

Wasabi is meant to be taken in small doses, as a seasoning for other food. It’s not meant to be eaten on its own, and it’s definitely not meant to be smoked.

Cigarette Ash
I guess this one is for those of you who want to pretend they’re smoking a real cigarette?

Apparently, this one isn’t so bad. Might even make you hungry enough to order the real thing.

Closing Thoughts
There really is something for everyone out there. No judgment if any of these flavors are favorites of yours, of course. To each their own.

I’m just going to stick to regular stuff like mint and watermelon, myself.

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