100 Percent VG Juice from Velvet Cloud

What is it about flavor that we find so satisfying? Is it the memories that come along with every unique taste and smell? Perhaps it’s the combination of fantastic ingredients to create the depth of flavor you can experience. You might think that I am referring to a dish at your favorite restaurant. However, the flavor I am talking about is the 100 percent VG juice offered to you by Velvet Cloud. Using only the best ingredients on the market to make some of the most delectable e liquid flavors anyone can ask for when vaping, Velvet Cloud has just the right flavor to keep you satisfied cloud after cloud.

When you want a flavor that lasts and tastes the absolute best, you use quality ingredients. Velvet Cloud uses this theory to make their high VG juices the best they could possibly be. They start off with a max VG base. To this, they add different elements to give their bottles flavor. These flavor ingredients never include anything that might be deemed weird such as gluten, GMO’s, artificial sweeteners, added sugar, artificial coloring, or any products derived from or tested on animals. This way, you can take a puff from your favorite e cigarette and feel good knowing you are not ingesting any ingredients that you would not want to.

Using the planet’s most wonderful ingredients means that Velvet Cloud creates some of the best flavors in the world. These flavors will bring you back to some of the most wonderful memories you have ever experienced. If you want to go back to your favorite holiday parties at your grandma and grandpa’s house, you can try a bottle of Frosted Gingerbread. If you find yourself feeling particularly regal on any given day, Catherine the Grape is the way to go with hints of grapes and black currants. If you want something light hearted and fruity to take on your next adventure, Strawb-Gwab is a brilliant blend of strawberry and guava that will be refreshing and delicious every time you want to get a hit of nicotine. Whatever your palate is craving, you can find a delicious bottle of it in the 100 percent VG juice from Velvet Cloud.

Velvet Cloud knows how to make a great product. By using wholesome, quality ingredients they are able to produce some of the best flavors of e juice on the market. All of your cravings can be quickly satisfied with a bottle shipped directly to the front door of your home or place of business. With a wide selection of flavor choices, anybody can find something they will love endlessly from the one and only Velvet Cloud. So, if you’re looking for an unmatched vaping experience with a fruit or sweet taste of vape juice, head on over to VelvetCloud.com where you will find the best VG eliquids you could get your hands on!

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